Forum Help



  • You may signup or log-in using your Steam account.
  • New users will have their profiles setup based on their Steam ID info.
  • Existing users will have the option to merge accounts first time they use their Steam ID to log-in with.
  • Accounts can be linked/unlinked at any time from your user profile page.
  • If you rather not use this feature, you are welcome to continue logging in with your Frostmourne user name.


  • You can add your BTag in a custom field in the profile if you'd like that displayed on your account page and in author box on the forums.


  • Xenforo has a Likes/Trophy system.
  • You can like or unlike any thread or reply.
  • Trophies are essentially site achievements based on participation levels.


  • Can be selected by certain member groups when creating a topic.
  • If you think we should add a prefix that's not listed just let me or Star know, we will sorted out.


  • Just because we can :p Work like prefixes when creating a topic.


  • By default Xenforo comes with a rather limited selection. If you need/want more, please say so. They are easy enough to add. Atm we have all the basics, plus auto video embed.


  • Categorized in tabs in post editor. Click to expand.


  • All the usual - avatars, basic info, signatures.
  • Additional gaming profiles can be added should people see a need for it.  Let me know.

GALLERY - works somewhat different then our previous one:

  • There is no default user album.
  • When you create one, please use your username somewhere, either in title or description if the purpose is personal photos.
  • If it's generic, try to stick stuff in appropriate categories.
  • If in doubt, place it when you think it fits the most, no worries, a mod can take care of it.
  • If we need a new category, shout. We will create it.
  • You can add pictures from the gallery directly from topic edit/reply screen (last two icons).


  • You can add attachments to any topic from the create/edit interface.
  • You can either leave them as attachments, or in case of uploading an image, choose to convert it to either thumbnail or large image, and auto insert into the post.  It will be inserted where your cursor currently is.


  • Accessible as a widget in a sidebar or via main menu for full conversation view (75 messages).


  • You can update your status from within your profile page or directly in the widget.
  • It's more of a 'display my mood' then a convo purpose.  Use the shoutbox to chat away.

If you are having trouble with anything else on the forums, please let us know. We will update the help file as we go. Cheers!