Frostmourne, Bronze Dragonflight (Alliance, EU)

Sorting out EPGP and raiding ranks.  Please head over to;topicseen#new and reply to the post by Friday.  Thanks!
Hi there good people of Frostmourne!

I will sadly be leaving you all to go to USA to study. I can consequently not continue as your Guildmaster and will pass on the torch to Mafist, hope you treat him well!

Hope you all have a good time destroying SoO and especially Garrosh!

And i will see...
This past Saturday's 25men was nothing short of awesome.  We lucked out with puggies, and 23 manned 8 bosses with one small hiccup at Shammies due to a couple of ninja pulls (cough, cough) and a server crash.

Now that we know 25men version is effectively a joke, even with several undergeared...