Frostmourne, Bronze Dragonflight (Alliance, EU)

Hey Nubaroonies!

Currently, the guild bank is rather empty of materials for Legion crafting. If anyone has any spare that they would like to donate to the bank that would be awesome. This is by no means mandatory, as I know plenty of you are making the most of the AH prices at the moment to get some moolah, but if you do happen to have a few bits and pieces that will be useful to helping us with raiding such as enchants, food and stuffsies then any donations will be greatly appreciated....
I'm back :D and i want my grove warden Mount, if People are interrested i will try to get some raids going from now untill legion arrives, trying to get as many as posible in the guild the Mount. and posibly more Mounts, from Blackhand and mythic archimonde, if we are quick, and strong. As we ofc are, we're Frostmourne boys and Girls!!!!!!!!!!! lets Wake up and show them :D
OFFICIAL We're back!
Yeah, nice to see the guild fill up again. Keep it going. Aleks is looking into getting Archie down before xpac ends so poke him if interested ( you do not have to be in the guild)

If not, poke him anyway, just because you can :D

Plus, we could use a new video on the front page...Gruul is so last year; alternatively, a Hogger video might do. He is Timeless after all.
Merry Christmas all :D