Frostmourne, Bronze Dragonflight (Alliance, EU)

I will not be online muth over the summer, got a MC gathering to plan, need to finish putting my friends MC back togater and have a bacherlor paper to finish.

have a great summer

Slight changes to our current raiding schedule. As you know, signups are low to near non existent. Taz has suggested co-raids with the guild his paladin is in, Virtuous.

We've spoken to them and decided we'd like to give raiding together a shot and hopefully avoid pugs altogether.

Should you be interested please join ./FMV chat channel and preferably reply to this thread as well, so Goodthunder (raid leader and GM of V) knows what raiders are available and when and can send out invites...
Since WoW seems to fail at retaining our interest for too long, and there are various other co-op games out there, we will be slightly modifying the forums to accommodate for us playing different games together, not just Warcraft.

Frostmourne will still have it's own big section, but we will be making space for other games. Homepage will be set to, and will redirect to it with a big, shiny link to the guilds forum boards.

Will probs name few TS3...
Another great raid night. Awesome job all. Operator was just ehm, an unlucky screw up from me and T. Note made for the future - watch where you stand; do not scream at the raid without pressing PTT - no one can hear you :D

Hopefully we will start where we left off next week and get a couple more bosses down this coming Thursday.

Take a look at Ask Mr Robot's logs - link in Tiny's post. Awesome for self evaluation.

Brilliant cd usage on Hans from Taz! :p