Frostmourne, Bronze Dragonflight (Alliance, EU)

From now on, an EPGP log will be uploaded to their official website so any player can double check at any time if they got awarded EP, or charged GP correctly. If you think there is a problem, let an officer know. We are only humans, mistakes can happen. That way we have a way of tracking things down and adjusting manually should it be needed, as there will always be a point of reference.

The first snapshot is the one from tonight's raid....
Couple of things - Veteran rank got reinstated, having gotten lost between our short pirate venture and the reversal of it lol.

Veterans can now invite people to the guild. For new players, please make sure they go through the application process. For alts, please make sure you modify notes and officer notes accordingly to avoid EPGP confusion:

1. After you invite someone's alt to the guild, click on their name and select Alt from the dropdown menu in the roster.
2. Put their main's name...
At last a more challenging Boss. Ko'ragh proved to be difficult enough to take an evening on his own. But when we stopped emulating tactics and applied a little Frostmourne sprinkle we got a kill. It was a scrabble at the end but a clean kill would have followed next attempt. Excellent impromptu kiting from the hunters and rogue tanking.

This marks us at 6/7, the lockout will be carried into next week for the clear.

My first post return Raid...
A very clean one shot kill on Brackenspore gave us plenty of time to take on some more bosses.
Tectus has been nerfed for the 10 man end of the scale. She proved to be stupidly easy and we one shot her.
After that we hit up the Twin Ogron and got them on the third try.

Another lovely raid to lead, Thank you all. We will continue on Saturday, pushing for a normal mode clear.

As always, bring your game...