Frostmourne, Bronze Dragonflight (Alliance, EU)

New official raiding days are Thursday and Saturday from 20.30 to 23.30 Server Time. These days will be devoted exclusively to progression.

Gearing runs in content that's on farm will happen outside of those two days.
Currently we have one regular alt run happening on Fridays.

Anyone willing...
After deciding to do a little more Highmaul Heroic we grabbed Guild kills for the first 5 bosses. Ko'ragh died after we scaled up the raid size with a few physical damage pugs. Excellent play all round.

We are now 5/7 as a guild. With a 6/7 pickup assisted kill.

Thank you to everyone involved....
Brilliant job guys and gals. We went in with little expectations and came out with a kill.

Thanks Kerp for explaining the strategy and Zet for linking the great little video.

And the tanks, all three, for being awesome. And the healers! Tiny and Gem for switching. And the derps.