Frostmourne, Bronze Dragonflight (Alliance, EU)

2% the try before. One last scrub and the stain was gone. Awesome job all round. Very disciplined kill with no trouble from any adds, interupts or mold. Perfect execution.

A lovely raid to lead. Thank you all.
RAIDING Santa's update
Raiding Update

Just wanted to keep everyone updated.
We will be stopping Official Raids through the Christmas period.
We will start up again on Thursday 8th January.
This gives everyone a chance to gear up (630) to be able to raid and to have a Very Merry Christmas, without feeling like youre letting anyone down for not being here for Raid Nights.
If you wish to organise your own "Unofficial" raids during this time, feel free to organise them and add to the Calendar for people to sign up to.
PLEASE READ Offical raid nights

Thank you for those who voted.

We have looked at this, and a decision has been made on which nights suit the Guild the most.
The Nights chosen for "Official Raid Nights" will be:


Many Thanks
we have done a poll previously how ever we have a surge of new people so we have open a new one to be completed asap this one will only have less time i will be talking to everyone in game
you can choose up to 3 as we will be doing 3 raid nights a week
this is to give me and the raid leaders a guide to choose the best days over all