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Jun 3, 2014
The Netherlands
So, we've put together a little group, aimed at killing enough mobs to trigger a garrison invasion. Patch 6.1 brings awesome items that make you able to summon world bosses. These items seem to drop from the bags you get from the invasions. The drop rate actually increases with the rarity of the bags (platinum has a higher drop chance than gold etc). Getting as much people together each week, killing as much bosses as possible, would be an awesome guild event, amiright?

Here is how we did this:

Triggering the invasions
5 dps smashed the hell out of the Botani in Everbloom Wilds. This only took us about 15 minutes. We all made sure we brought the daily quest with us. It seems that you need to kill about 500 mobs for a certain invasion to trigger. Once you turn in your daily you can see if you got one on your garrison report.

Making things easier
There is an addon called Garrison Kill Counter. I haven't tried it yet though. The Curse website shows some comments that it's slightly inaccurate. Still, it should be a helpful tool that could help you keep track of your kills.

The invasion and it's rewards
The reward you're aiming for is an item which spawns the world boss that's linked to the kind of invasion you got. The easiest way to get this item is by getting a platinum rating for your invasion. But as I said earlier, it seems that all caches have a drop chance (increasing with rarity). Still you want to aim for platinum (1300 points).

Getting to platinum rating
Getting this kind of rating is slightly more challenging than getting gold. We found that having a hunter or two in your group helps big time. But basically just make sure you've got high burst dps.
Once you've assembled your own "dream team", make sure you're buffed. Think of the following buffs:
- Scroll of Fortitude
- Drums of Forgotten Kings
- Food buffs
- Flasks
- Stat pots
- Drums of Fury (or any other kind of heroism. Pop this at 1 minute-ish)
- Garrison bound pots (bought from Sergeant Crowler)

After you've made sure you got all your buffs, get your bodyguards up and running. They seem to do some serious damage so they're really helpful.

Let's rock!
All buffed up and ready to go. Let's get that platinum rating and get some world bosses in! They drop Apexis Crystals, Garrison Resources, Loot (645, 655, 665) and a mount. They might drop other stuff, but that's not been confirmed yet.

The best part of all!
You can kill all of the 6 available bosses each week. So gather up those summon stones, get a group together (10-40 players) and just kill all 6 of them! They seem to be fairly easy, tank n spank bosses. Ofcourse you can kill them more often in one week, but you only get loot of one boss of each type. But 6 bosses a week should get you some shinies!

If there is anything you'd like to add or change, feel free to comment!
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Apr 14, 2014
Each player can bring their own Bodyguard (Leorajh leveled up is amazing) And the host can bring someone on Patrol as well.

You can have 3 PCs and 4 NPCs in the party.
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Apr 12, 2014
And i got lucky,i actually got the world boss token on Kerp,so there is an event on calendar for monday (16.3) night to kill that garrison world boss ,sign up guys. 20:00 server time :D