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Mar 30, 2014

The following rules are designed to be comprehensive and unambiguous. They are arranged into logical sections dealing with the terms used throughout, the generalities of guild membership, the guild structure, and additional rules regarding raiding and our looting system.


1.1 Player: The person playing the character. A Player may have multiple Characters.
1.2 Character: The in game characters. Characters can only have one Player. Characters also have one Primary Role and can have up to two Secondary Roles.
1.3 Role: Tank, DPS or Healer.
1.4 Primary Role: The Primary Role is the one listed first in a characters Notes.
1.5 Secondary Role: The Secondary Roles are listed after the first in a characters Notes. A player must be sufficiently proficient and geared to be competitive at the current raid level to be considered valid in Secondary Roles. If a secondary role becomes uncompetitive that Role will be Suspended.
1.6 Main: Any Character who has been Bought into the EPGP system. A Player can sign up any Main to any event on the calendar.
1.7 Alt: Any Character a Player has who has not been Bought into EPGP. A Player can sign up an alt to any event on the calendar not marked Official.


2.1 All Players are expected to follow all the rules laid out here.
2.2 These rules may change and be updated. You should check periodically for updates.
2.3 You are expected to contribute to the Guild. Players who turn up just on raid nights and log right after would probably find a better home elsewhere.
2.4 You will not bring the name of the guild into disrepute.
2.5 You will be treated fairly at all times. Any accusations against you by anyone will require firm evidence. Any disputes will be discussed and settled.
2.6 Frostmourne is a social guild, your position in it is based on your social interaction, not your raiding performance. It doesn't matter how awesome your HPS/TPS/DPS output is.
2.7 Raiding spots are only open to competitive players - Frostmourne will be progressing through all content difficulties. As the skill cap raises from one mode to another, the raid leaders are likely to prioritize raiders based on their performance, motivation or willingness to learn.
2.8 These rules apply to everyone except the GM, because I can change them at will anyway.
2.9 Not really, they even apply to the GM.
2.10 Frostmourne is a Guild. There are no guild dues, there is no contract. As such the Guild owes you nothing. Everyone is fair because it's the right thing to do. Officers and members contribute because they want to, not because they have to.
2.11 Breach of the rules, anti social conduct within the guild, and abuse of guild provided services can lead to anything from a warning to expulsion.


3.1 Each member has one or more Mains.
3.2 Character a Player mentions first in their application is considered their first Main.
3.3 Each Character a Player wishes to Raid on must pay the GP Buy In cost (EPGP).
3.4 A Role change can be reversed up to a month after or until you win a piece of loot.
3.5 A Player is responsible for keeping their Roles up to date. Ask an Officer to apply any changes. They will confirm any GP costs involved.


4.1.1 The word of a Raid Leader or Raid Assistant is Law. It overrides religious beliefs, what your mum said, what your previous guild did.
  • You may talk with them privately about their decisions.
  • You may try and persuade them round to your point of view.
  • You may try and bribe them with cheesecake.
  • Continuing to pester after a decision has been made will be result in warning and eventually penalized with GP fines
4.1.2 If you sign for a raid night and we finish the content early, you are expected to come with everyone else to whatever we decide to do to fill up the raid time. Refusal to do so will earn a GP fine.
4.1.3 You will follow the Raiding Etiquette guides at all times during a raid.


4.2.1 The Raid Leader selects the Characters for the raid to ensure a viable, and if a progression raid sufficiently optimal, composition.
  • If you have it listed in your notes you may not refuse without losing that Secondary Role and paying the penalty in GP.
  • If you do not have it listed in your notes you may refuse with no consequence.
  • The Raid leader may ask you to play another Main. You may not refuse.
  • The Raid leader may ask you to play an Alt. You may refuse.
  • The Raid leader will attempt to solve imbalance issues by people playing different roles rather than different classes.
  • EP can be awarded if you change for the benefit of the Raid.
4.2.2 We do not make up numbers in a Raid with PuGs. Ever. Don't ask. Ehm, we do now - disregard this one.
4.2.3 If you need to leave the Raid Early you must tell the Raid Leader *prior* to selection.


4.3.1 Criticism comes from the Raid Leader only. In groups, no one needs it. Public personal critical and unhelpful comments will receive a private warning, then a public warning. Further persistent antisocial behaviour will receive exponential GP penalties or in extreme cases a raid ban.
4.3.2 Praise comes from everyone.
4.3.3 Initiative, adaptation, innovation and growth as a raider have a history of being actively encouraged.
4.3.4 EP can and will be awarded if you pull something out of character and awesome out of your hat/arse.
4.3.5 During briefings or combat keep chatter in /ra and on Teamspeak to a minimum. Keep information or questions short and to the point. At all other times humour and socialization are encouraged, we are a social guild.
4.3.6 Raiding Members (Raiders) have priority over Social members (Mains) regarding Raid spots. In *all other ways* they are equal.
4.3.7 You will not speak over the Raid Leader during a briefing or in non trash combat.
4.3.8 You will have all guild required add-ons installed and configured to your liking and have TeamSpeak setup and be able to listen on it *before signing up* for any guild raids.
4.3.9 Signing up for a raid will be accepting that you are in a ready state - that includes having class consumables for any role you've bought it as well as having knowledge about the encounters.
4.3.10 You will be ejected from the raid until you meet these criteria if you do not meet them. Your place in the raid may be reassigned. You have been warned.
4.3.11 You are encouraged to pair up to test configs and settings after major add-on releases.


4.4.1 All raid content is regarded as Official until it has been marked as Free for All.
4.4.2 Official content is reserved for Guild events and should not be participated in outside
of Official Raids.
4.4.3 Free for All content may be participated in freely.
4.4.4 A list of FFA content will be kept available and updated in the News headers on the main page.
4.4.5 We use the EPGP loot system from http://code.google.com/p/epgp/. Please read the FAQ from the source page, the forum post explaining EPGP as well as EPGP and Looting section before asking questions or commenting on it in *any* way.


5.1 All Members have access to the Free for All Guild Bank tab.
5.2 All Members have access to all Guild Crafters trade skills free of charge - when using the services of a designated guild crafter, you will not be charged a fee. Proc effects go to the Crafter by default unless previously agreed. Materials need to be supplied.
5.3 All Members can request Materials for Enhancements (Enchants, Patches, Scopes) or Gems from the Crafting Materials tab for any Main and Enhancements for Alts.
5.4 All Members can sign to any Guild Invite event on the calendar.
5.5 All Members can create any event on the calender that does not clash with an Official Raid for any reason.
- You will be responsible for running any Raid you post.
- You may not ask someone to lead it for you. You are not allowed to retain administrative control over a raid you are not leading.
5.6 You must make reasonable efforts to keep the number of people locked to that Raid ID to a minimum. You will not get the entire Guild saved to one Raid ID in a desperate attempt to finish it - due to raid lockout changes in WoD, this applies to Mythic only.
5.7 Public Events are Events where the entire Guild can sign up. They must be kept fair, at least 50% of the spaces on a public run must have some form of rotation.
5.8 If you want to take your friends alone, use a Private Event.
  • Private Events are Events where you send out invitations to particular people.
  • Private Events are protected. You will not be told how, where or when to run them.
  • You can follow whatever looting rules you like.
5.8 You may earn EP for running non trivial and successful public raid events (that includes challange modes, heroic dungeons, world bosses, current content achievement runs)
5.9 Raiding Members must attend a minimum of one official raid a week on average.
5.10 Failure to meet the attendance criteria will result in you being moved to the social Member rank.
5.11 Movement between Social and Raider ranks is free and fluid. There is no stigma in being a Social Member, you will not be denied access to Raids.
5.12 Social Recruitment is always open.
5.13 Membership of the guild does not grant any rights or guarantees to raid.
5.14 Everyone in Frostmourne is part of the most successful and longest lived social raiding guild on the Server. Be happy.
5.15 Everyone in Frostmourne has the right to understand the why, how, what and when of everything to do with the Guild. It is your guild. You only have to ask.
5.16 Except during Official Raids, Everyone in Frostmourne has the right to eat pie and cheesecake without fear of persecution or prejudice.
5.17 The Guild Banks gold stockpile is funded from BoE epic drops from our raiding. As such it is a working fund.
5.18 Repair costs for Any raid you attend on Any character may be withdrawn from the Guild Bank. Repairs are also currently open to all members outside of guild events within the set limit. Access and limits may change at any time, given prior notice, depending on state of the GM finances.
5.19 You will not abuse this feature, if you do you will be asked to return the gold, if you do not you will be demoted to a Rank that does not have access to the feature which may impact on your eligibility to Raid.
5.20 Gold from the Guild Bank can and will also be used for other sources to help advance the Guilds Raiding progress. Or to buy me a Boat as and when they become available.

Please add a "!" to the end of your application to acknowledge you have read the rules.


  • Guild Master - guild leader
  • Guild Assistants - guild crafters (elevated bank access), responsible for keeping the GB stocked as well as providing free of charge crafting services to guild members (mats no included)
  • Officers - those that work to make play time more fun for us (elevated bank access)
  • Officer Alts - regular bank access
  • Raid Leaders - elevated bank access
  • Veterans - long term Frosties (elevated bank access)
  • Members - regular members (normal bank access)
  • Raiders - any character bought into EPGP with a minimum raid attendance (elevated bank access)
  • Alts - all those other toons we've been stockpiling (limited bank access)
  • Trials - newcomers (no bank access)
*Traditionally guild management is evaluated at the beginning of a new xpac, with lots of shuffling around going on depending on performance as well as willingness and ability to commit in the upcoming months. IF you would like to contribute to the guild in any way, please talk to the GM.


We use EPGP as our looting system.
1. EPGP scores are reset for each new expansion. Between tiers there is a soft reset with a 5%carry over.
2. Buy In is 10 times the current EP Tick (Xx10) - current value (MOP) is 100 - WoD tick value will be decided after patch 6.0
3. Looting priority is Main Spec (Need) >Purchased Offspec > Side Grade > Greed

Need is used on loot for for Primary Roles only. You may not Need on loot for Secondary Roles. Need bids are charged full GP value.
Offspec is used on loot for Secondary Roles only. You may not Offspec on loot for Primary Roles. Offspec bids are charged 10% of EP value .
Side Grade is used if you already have Gear of the the same Class, Type and item level. Side Grade bids are charged 10% of EP value.
Greed is used for any other reason. Greed bids are charged at 30% of EP value.
4. You *must* bid in the highest bracket you can. If you bid in a lower bracket your will be informed and your bid upgraded by the Master Looter.
Example: A hunter has an ilvl 528 bow and bids Greed on an ilvl 553 bow. As they will use this in their Main Role and it is an upgrade they will have their bid upgraded to Need, they may decline.
5. You can debate privately with the master looter the bracket that your loot falls into. This is the resolution method for complicated looting decisions.
Example: A Rogue is DPS Role and specced for daggers. She selects Offspec for a sword that is a higher item level than her current daggers. Her bid would be upgraded to Need because she has no Secondary Roles (She cant, she's a Rogue ). She debates with the Master Looter that these should in fact be Greed makes a case that the ML accepts. If she wins she is charged 20% of the listed GP.
6. If you receive an item on a non Need bid and end up using it a week later, your bid will be retroactively upgraded to Need and your GP will be adjusted accordingly. You will be informed. You may of course debate the decision.
7. If you receive an item in error, you will comply with any and all requests from the Master Looter or Raid leader in rectifying the situation. You can only ninja once.
8. No social pressure will put on Players over awarded loot. Evidence of this will result in GP penalties being applied without notice.
9. An informal Loot Council presides over all looting decisions to ensure sensible looting. Notable controversial rules are as follows.
  • No Agility gear will ever go to a Strength based DPS over an Agility based DPS.
  • No Gear of a given class (cloth, leather, mail, plate) will ever go to a Player able to use 2 classes higher.
  • For Two handed weapons vs Single handed weapons. Your current choice is regarded as Main spec.
10. EP or GP fines may be charged for consistent inappropriate behaviour - for example: being late for an event or leaving early without arranging with the raid leader first or not coming prepared.

11. EP may be awarded outside of raids for variety of reasons - for example: leading successful unofficial raids/events or exceptional performance or behaviour when in guild group.


As much as we dislike post count based ranks, they are required by the forum software we use, however, we've reduced them from 5 to 2.
  • Lurker - 0 to 20 posts
  • Veteran - 20+ posts

  • Administrators - main admins (unrestricted permissions)
  • Global Moderators - making sure we all behave (unrestricted permissions)
  • Moderators - class advisers/per board watch dogs (elevated permissions) - currently not in use
  • Officers - guild management (elevated permissions, access to admin and officer boards)
  • FM - guild members (regular permissions)
  • Friends - ex Frosties and random people we play with or like that find these boards useful or just want to hang around (regular permissions)

Should you embark on an around the world trip, you are obliged to post photographs documenting your trip, on the guild forums. Failure to do so may result in being demoted to a rank, yet to be created :p
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