RAIDING How To: Tell Me When

Aug 30, 2014
This will be a short guide on how to use the amazing addon, Tell Me When -

Disclaimer: all views expressed in this article are there for pure comedic value and should not be taken seriously.

1. Introduction

1. 1 What Is Tell Me When?

Tell Me When (TMW) is an addon that tracks almost any form of notification you could possibly want to track in game. It can do everything from alert you when an ability comes off cooldown to when you, or someone in your raid has gained a specific, important debuff.

1.2 What should I use Tell Me When for?

All classes can benefit from Tell Me When. We can use it to track the cooldown of our most important abilities, the ones that we need to use on cooldown whenever available.

At a very basic level, Tell Me When will track the cooldowns of your abilities. At a more advanced level, it can tell you when you are missing an important buff that aids your DPS or Healing rotation. I would also suggest tracking things like combat rezzes and interrupts, so you always know when you have an interrupt available without looking at your action bar.

Moreover, it can tell you when you have been affected by an ability that could kill you if it is not purged or dispelled within a certain space of time. This allows you to alert your raid so they can take action.

With Tell Me When:
  • A druid could display an icon when a clearcasting buff procs
  • A mage could display an icon when Arcane Blast has sufficient mana to be cast and is in range of the target, and have a Polymorph icon appear when the mob they've set to focus becomes unsheeped
  • A death knight could have icons appear to show when Freezing Fog procs, when Rune Strike is usable, and when Horn of Winter drops and needs to be refreshed
  • A rogue could monitor their own stack of Deadly Poison on a mob, and have icons appear when they need to reapply poisons to their weapons
  • An enhancement shaman could set an icon to show when they have more than 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon
  • A protection paladin could show an icon for Shield of the Righteous when they have 3 holy power
  • A warrior could track when he has enough rage to use Shield Block and Shield Barrier, and whether he has both or either buff on his person.
  • A hunter could show icon to help facilitate aspect swapping, and an icon for mend pet when their pet's health is below 50%
  • A Guardian druids can track when he does not have Savage Defence up and track when he can do his empowered Maul.
  • A priest could set an icon to monitor all of their chakra states in one icon (link), or set an icon to watch the cooldown of Rapture
Basically you can do all this shit with TMW.

1.3 How will this improve my gameplay?

I'll give you an example of how TMW helps improve my gameplay.

As a raid tank, you need to be constantly aware of your active mitigation. You need to know how long is left on your Defensive Cooldown after you pop it. I also need to know when my most important skill, Mangle, comes off cooldown so I can hit it. Now, I can see all of this by looking at my buffs, just as I can look at my action bar to see when mangle comes off cooldown, but to do so, means I have to take my eyes off the actual fight, which is no good.

According to Method (a current World First guild), something like 80% of avoidable raid deaths are caused by people standing in shit due to looking at their buffs or action bar and not paying attention to what is going on around them, a phenomenon known as Tunnel Vision.

We've all seen it happen: we have all been in a raid with Stabby McTurdbrain, the loot-whoring Night Elf Rogue who would probably try and steal Thunderfury from the main tank. We've all seen this guy. He stands in one spot meleeing the crap out of the boss, blowing all of his cooldowns, looking only between his action bar and the DPS meter which he is trying to top, feeling his epenis grow harder and harder by the second. Suddenly, his uber hax dps is brought to a swift and abrupt halt by the massive puddle of shit that spawned underneath him. The next thing you know, he is dead and screaming for a combat rez because he can see that he has been overtaken by 3 people on the DPS meter, including a Warlock whose item level is about 30 levels lover than him. He will probably blame the healers for not keeping him alive so that he could do uber DPS, and, because his guildies are too nice to point out that he was a retard for not moving, he will continue to be a dog shit player for the rest of the raid, probably taking several pieces of loot from people who actually need it because he has the most DKP. This type of behaviour is also seen in Night Elf Hunters with some variation of the name "Legolas".

Coupled with a major attitude adjustment, effective use of Tell Me When could quickly turn someone like Stabby McShitbrain into a competent raider, who could have topped the DPS charts while still moving out of killer ground AOE.

A dead DPS does no DPS.
If you are getting important notifications popping up in the centre of your screen, you can still see them without taking your eyes off the encounter. This will allow you to perform at your peak while still remaining focused on what is going on around you.

2. Configuring Tell Me When

2.1 Tracking Skills

When you first install the addon, you'll be presented with a blank grid. Typing /Tmw will toggle this configuration grid. From there, you can resize and alter the grid by using the little arrow. You can make the grid as large or small as you wish, or create a seperate grid (more on that later). Each grid is called a "group" and you can set groups so that they are specific to each character.

Tracking skills is easy, simply drag a skill from your Spellbook straight onto the grid. If all you want to do is for TMW to alert you when this ability comes off cooldown, then your job is done and you can leave it at that (Fig 1).

Fig 1

If you click the "Power Check" box, it will only show your abilities when you have enough mana/rage to use them.

2.2 Tracking Buffs

Let's say you are a Feral Druid. In order to do your highest DPS, you need to have Savage Roar up at all times. But this buff only lasts 42 seconds at most, and when it falls off, you need to rebuff ASAP. How do you tell when the buff has dropped off without committing that noobish mistake which is to look at your buff bar and say "oh shit, my Savage Roar has come off cooldown"?

You create an alert, and there are 2 ways you can do this: the first is to track a buff. (fig 2)

Right click an icon and select "Buff/Debuff". Select the buff or debuff you want to track (fig 3)

upload_2014-10-25_23-0-22.png WoWScrnShot_102614_002331.jpg
Fig 2 Fig 3

When you have done that, you will see the icon appear on your grid. Close down TMW and the icon will disappear. When you put this buff on yourself, the icon will appear to tell you that you have the buff on.
When it comes off the icon will disappear.

If you want, you can make it really fucking obvious when you lose the buff by going down to the Notifications panel at the bottom. You can choose a range of different animations such as Alpha Flash and Screen Shake to alert you when the debuff comes off. It will prompt you to reapply it.

I have a buff tracker for Savage Defence. I have several notifications that alert me when it has fallen off, or is about to fall off so I can reapply it (Fig 4).

(Fig 4)

To add a notification, go to the notifications tab. You can basically make it so that the icon on the screen (that alerts you when you HAVE the buff on) will start to flash when only a few seconds of the buff remain. For me, I make it so that my Savage Defence icon starts flashing about 1.5 seconds before it drops off, so that I have time to prepare for this, either by using another defensive cooldown, or by calling for additional healing.

You can also add sounds, if you are into dat shit.

2.3 Buff/debuff checks

"But I want TMW to tell me when I don't have an important buff on!"

You can do that by using a "Buff Check" instead of a Buff/Debuff tracker.

This basically does exactly the same as a buff tracker, only it does the exact opposite - it tracks when you do NOT have an important buff running, rather than tracking when you have it up.

I would suggest making one of these for every buff you need to apply to yourself mid fight, like Savage Roar, or an active mititgation ability for tanks. Basically, what you want is an annoying flashing blinker that screams "You don't have this buff on you fucking noob, turn it on so you can do moar DPS". Suddenly, you turn on the buff and the blinker disappears, only to return once more when the buff drops off.

Go to Buff Check on the icon options and select the buff you want to track. Simply go to notifications and set an animation. I use Alpha Flash for my Savage Defence. When I don't have Savage Defence on, this icon will flash (fig 5):

Fig 5

And when the buff is activated, the icon will disappear (fig 6)

Fig 6

I use alerts like these for active mitigation abilities. Blinking icons are bad because they mean I am going to take hits to the face, so I want to try and have them up as little as possible, because they are annoying as shit.

It's basically the same as in a car, having an indicator come on that tells you when your brakes have failed or that you are out of oil. Or simply, which indicator is on, or that bell that sounds when one of your doors isn't shut, or some hoe in the back don't got her seatbelt on. You ain't got time to check all that shit out when you drivin', but little sounds and lights mean that you can tell all that shit without having to take your eyes off the road and accidently mow some mother fucker down. That way you stay out of jail, brother.

3. Conclusion

If you can do the above competently, then you should have a working knowledge of TMW.

If you think you can do something with TMW, you probably can. Buff/debuff checks and trackers and cooldown trackers will be all that most people need. If you wanted to keep an eye out for a particular nasty debuff (such as Wounded Pride) you can do so by the above method. As more bosses come in WoD, TMW will become invaluable for alerting people when they have certain debuffs.

It should be a mandatory raid addon, and this guide should give people a rudimentory knowledge of how to use it.


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You can call me Sir
Jul 14, 2014
North East UK
Excellent post. All I would say is don't make your TMW setup too complicated. Keep it to key abilities and procs. I've seen some comical examples on the net of people with all manor of icons and flashing animations polluting the screen.

Less is more.
Aug 30, 2014
Yep. at the end of the day, only make what you will personally find useful. If you keep forgetting to put an important debuff on, set yourself a reminder. If you have problems pressing buttons when they come off cooldown then make notification those.

Also yes, I might post a few settings etc. of my own for people to use


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Staff member
Mar 30, 2014
We already have that - UI/mods - I moved it under Raids as Shet suggested. Though feel free to create a specific if you think that's better :p Think we have just Tranq's grid setup there atm only :)
Jul 27, 2019
Anyone know if this is true ?

I was reading last night about this on another forum...

Iam in the process of upgrading my current machine and cant make my mind up to get a dual or quad .. if the HL2 engine was updated to support quad that would make my mind up
Sep 4, 2019
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