So long and thanks...

Oct 12, 2014
Hi all,
Just a message to let you know I have finally cancelled my WoW account. I haven't played for ages but kept paying it in the hope I would get back into it but it seems stupid to shell out for something I am not using.
It was great fun playing with you all over the years.
I will log in one last time to transfer any gold on my toons to the Guild bank. I also have a number of toons on Silvermoon including one who is the GM of the Guild we had there. If anybody still plays on that server, message me and you can have it too.

My new loves are Elite: Dangerous and World of Warships - the later being in open beta at the moment. My name there is Gustywinds.

In the months since I last played WoW in a big way I have a new hobby - writing, and I have written two books, one of which ties in with the World of Warships thing nicely:
FB page about it here:
Despite the link with Warships its not a history, its a time travel/romance/adventure
You can down load the first 20% at Smashwords:
You can buy in E-Book or old fashioned paper at Amazon and most other outlets.

Hey, I just remembered Tranq had a toon called Warspite at one point!

Anyway, all the best



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Mar 30, 2014
Hello there! Grats on the book and hope you'll poke around here some times :) Best of luck!